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Location: 24/South Road/Braybrook/VIC/3019/Australia

•Australasia's largest Campervan fleet
•Largest Reservations Team – you can call us 24/7
•10 dedicated branches Australia wide open EVERY day of the year including weekends (except for Christmas) – we have branches not just on the East Coast (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns) but also Tasmania, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth and Broome The flexibility of parking and staying on the side of the road'.
•Unlike some companies there are NO early or late drop-off fees. Pick-up can be at 8am and drop-off 4.30pm daily! PLUS we’re open every day of the year except Christmas Day (including all weekends)
•24-hour nationwide vehicle assistance helpline
•NO extra premiums charged for hirers aged between 21 & 25 years (minimum driving age is 21).
•Unlimited kilometres
•Standard vehicle insurance
•All Campervans are supplied with cutlery, linen pack (includes sleeping bags, pillows, towels and tea towels), kitchen utensils, clothes line, dust pan, bowls, saucepans, kettle and fry pan
•Fully owned and operated factory in Melbourne and Hamilton (NZ) providing total control of Motorhome design and build – from conception to production. We build the most new vehicles every year!
•All vehicles are fully maintained
•Service and backup from all our branches throughout Australia including 24/7 Customer Care Helpline.
•Only Campervan Company to have our ENTIRE fleet tested and every vehicle pass Euro IV complaints. We don’t just talk about being the most environmentally friendly company we ARE the most environmentally friendly. We are part of the BP Charitable trust so every time a customer fills up money is donated back to the environment.


Map & Directions

Start: Go to Flinders Street Station
Train: Catch the Melton or Sydenham line
Station: Get off at Tottenham Station
Walk: turn right on Ashley Street (walking under the train tracks. Walk 750 metres.
Turn left at South Road for 200 metres
Finish: Branch on the left hand side